Hi everyone we would like you to meet General (aka Big G or The G Man) a senior diabetic cat living out his life in foster care until he can find the perfect home to live out his golden years. General was given up by his owner in 2019 after being diagnosed with diabetes. His owner was unable to preform the care he needed (paying for medical expenses like prescriptions and giving daily insulin) so instead of euthanizing him like his veterinarian suggested he reached out to us. We have his diabetes under control with just two units of Vetsulin twice a day at mealtimes and on a diabetic prescription dry food.

General is around 14 years old now and front declawed. He loves spending his day snuggled up on the couch with his foster parents. General gets along with smaller dogs and tolerates smaller cats. General is a big boy besides being 17 pounds he is also very tall so he likes being the big guy in the house so to speak. When animals are bigger than him he can get a attitude and yell at them. His perfect home would be with a family that can give him lots of attention and continue caring for his diabetic needs. He will need a strong person to stick to his food schedule as he likes to beg for food all day like he is starving but trust us he is not! Giving his insulin is very easy, he is use to it and knows after his dry food is put into the bowl he will be getting a shot in his shoulder blade.

General will go home with all the diabetic prescription food, Vetsulin and needles his foster family has left at time of adoption.

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